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    What strategies do you use when reading?  What questions do you ask yourself?  Is there a difference between reading for entertainment and reading for information?



    I don’t use reading strategies anymore I used to but I guess I just stopped. I don’t ask myself questions. The difference between reading for information and reading for entertainment Is that reading for entertainment is more enjoyable then reading for information.



    I don’t think I really use any strategies when I read. Its just here’s the paper there’s words on it read them and your good. I don’t’/can’t read out loud, that’s not because I‘m nervous or anything. Its because I stumble try and save myself then don’t make any sense.



    When I get stuck on a page and I cant read it I ask for help or try and figure it out on my own. When I read I ask myself what is this book about is what the book is saying real? When you read you look for information and entertainment in the book you are reading to make yourself smart and be entertained while reading.



    The strategy’s I use are sounding the words out and asking for help. The questions I ask myself are what is happening so far and how many books are there. The differences between informational and entertainment are that informational is for more information for around the world and the entertainment is for enjoyment.



    A strategies that I use when reading are that I brake my weird up. A question I ask my self are what do I think is going to happen. I think that there is a big difference between reading for fun and reading for information because reading for information isn’t always fun and you don’t always like it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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