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    Do you think speed is important when doing math?  What skills do you think are necessary for learning math?  What strategies do you use when trying to solve difficult problems?  Is it important to know math facts?



    No because you can be fast and have the wrong answers. You can be slow and have the right answers. You need to be willing to be wrong sometimes and listen and have an open mind. I reread it I take a minute to think and try and put the question in my own words. To a certain degree yes if you know facts about math it might be easier to solve and or answer questions.



    Yes speed is important because the faster you work the faster math is done. i think Intelligence is the key to math because your brain focuses more on learning. I think asking for help is a good strategy. I think the more we focuse on math the smarter we get.



    No I don’t think speed is key when doing math knowing how to count and carrying in math. What strategy I use when solving a problem asking for help look around for a pic that could help yes it is important to know math facts



    no I don’t think that speed is important when doing math because if you take your time you can think about it more.
    The skills you need in order to be good at math are counting and being able to remember everything.
    I ask for help try riley hard to remember or try to think back to what when I first did it.
    Yes it is important to no math facts.

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