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Explanation Paragraphs

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Squirrels are small animals that live in the forest.They live in trees. They eat nuts. I see them running and climbing trees and looking for food and sleeping. This is how squirrels spend there time. (ZH) Mustangs sounds cool and loud. The horse Power  makes the wheels spin faster and louder. The  exhaust makes  the… Continue reading

Empower Reading

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Starting this week, a number of our students will be participating in the Empower reading program.

Accurate efficient decoding and word reading are the foundation upon which successful reading comprehension is built

Check out the website to learn more about the goals of the program.

What are we reading?

As a class, we are reading The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen by Susin Neilsen.  The story is about 13 year old Henry Larsen and his struggles dealing with a tragic accident.

Check out the reviews.

Reluctant journal of Henry K. Larsen book cover

What are you reading?

Include the following in your blog post or thinking book:

  • title and author
  • brief summary
  • first impressions
  • link
  • image