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Welcome to Grade 7 and 8! I hope that everyone had a fun and safe summer.  I am excited to be teaching grade 7/8 and I look forward to new challenges and learning experiences.  This year is full of new and exciting events and an important year because of the transition into high school. The… Continue reading

O and M Student of the Month

From O and M:

The October orientation and mobility elementary student of the month award winner is someone who, on a daily basis, puts into practice skills taught to him during his lessons. Most recently, this student was introduced to a mobility cane and this cane has increased his independence greatly. He now has a greater confidence to travel to and from work at his dad’s shop. The recipient of this award is Jake Z! Congratulations Jake and keep up the good work!


Explanation Paragraphs

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Squirrels are small animals that live in the forest.They live in trees. They eat nuts. I see them running and climbing trees and looking for food and sleeping. This is how squirrels spend there time. (ZH) Mustangs sounds cool and loud. The horse Power  makes the wheels spin faster and louder. The  exhaust makes  the… Continue reading

Empower Reading

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Starting this week, a number of our students will be participating in the Empower reading program.

Accurate efficient decoding and word reading are the foundation upon which successful reading comprehension is built

Check out the website to learn more about the goals of the program.