Reading and Writing Reflection

In your journal, answer the following questions: What types of text do you prefer to read? Do you have a favorite story that you have read/listened to? List some of the strategies that you use before, during and after reading. Is writing a challenge for you?  Do you have difficulty generating ideas?  Organizing your writing? … Read more

Writing Diagnostics

Before we get started on the course, I would like to have a better idea of our writing strengths and challenges.  Complete the following writing activities: Short Paragraph What was your favourite movie/TV show as a child?  Use specific details to explain. Opinion Piece In 3-5 paragraphs answer, respond to the topic: It is important … Read more

O and M Student of the Month: Joe R

Our secondary O&M student of the month has recently demonstrated the ability to plan in advance for route travel.   As he works towards the goal of earning an off-campus pass, he has combined soliciting aid skills with knowledge of public transit to arrive at destinations of his choice, with minimal assistance.  The winner this month is Joseph R. Congratulations!

Joe receiving certificate and gift card

Introductory Journal

Welcome to ENG4C!  Throughout the semester will be contributing to journals.  Sometimes I will provide you with prompts, sometimes I will ask you to reflect on something we have read or watched or sometimes I will give you the opportunity to write about anything that you want. In your ENG4C folder, create a document call … Read more

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