What are we reading?

Here is a list of the books we are currently reading in class:

Nathan R:

The book I am currently reading isĀ  Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. It is about Bella Thorne, a teenager who falls in love with a vampire.

Nathan T:

Book title, The Annotated Sword of Shannara.
Author, Terry Brooks.
Book description.
The book opens with the protagonist meandering down a path in the shadowy Moonlight.
He is quickly confronted by a large shadowy human like figure, and after a brief struggle in which the protagonist is nearly killed, he is forced to direct this strange person to wear his family is staying.

Ahmad K:

I am reading a book called Champions of men’s soccer by Ann Killion.
This book talks about the best players in the world, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.
It talks about their history, statistics or their most important matches with their teams .

Read Aloud:

Crabbe by William Bell

From Goodreads:

One night, just before final exams, 18-year-old Franklin Crabbe – smart, rich, yet unhappy and semi-alcoholic – packs his gear and drives away into the woods to disappear completely. Totally unprepared for bush life, Crabbe nearly perishes until he meets someone else who has her reasons to hide.

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