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Squirrels are small animals that live in the forest.They live in trees. They eat nuts. I see them running and climbing trees and looking for food and sleeping. This is how squirrels spend there time. (ZH)

Mustangs sounds cool and loud. The horse Power  makes the wheels spin faster and louder. The  exhaust makes  the car rumble  and shake the ground. The engine screams when it gets hot. These are the reasons why mustangs  sound cool and loud. (JR)

There is allotting of ways to improve on fitness testing.  First, keep trying and don’t give up.  Second, it’s importing to exersize more. Last, we all need to move more.  In concluding, there can be a lot of ways to improve. (LW)

I like eating chocolate ice cream wile lisiening to an audio book. I lisiening to it wile spending time with my dad. I aswel lisin to it wile eating something that I love. i aswel get more ideas for my storys from lisining to it. In conclusion that’s why eating dessert while lisining to a audiobook is one of the stuff that I love. (CM)

Passenger planes are different then cargo planes.  Passenger planes have intercoms and cargo planes don’t.  Flight attendants serve food on passenger planes.  Passenger planes move people around not cargo.  This is why passenger planes are different then cargo planes. (RS)

I love drumming and these are the reasons why. First, I like the beats.  Second, because you can play shows.  Last, it makes me feel good when I am behind the kit playing. These are the reasons why Iove drumming. (JZ)

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